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Google Forms Dynamic Fields Add-on

google formulare dynamisch felder ermitteln

Google Forms Dynamic Fields Add-on by apps experts inserts and updates values of Google Forms selection fields like multiple-choice, drop-down, checkbox or grid fields. Based on miscellaneous Google Apps like Calendar, Sheets and Contacts you can insert values to fields in Google Forms automatically. 

Update selection fields in Google Forms automatically

Within Google Forms Dynamic Fields Add-on you can create mappings  between a Google Forms question and a data source. For example you can map the name of all members of a contact group or all values of a column in google sheets to a question of type checkbox or drop-down. When the update process is started, the add-on fetches the defined data and inserts the values to the mapped question. You can also activate a time based triggered job to update the mappings several times a day automatically. With Google Forms Dynamic Fields Add-on you can reduce the effort of maintaining contents twice and it’s possible to update you Google Forms contents automatically.

Google Forms Dynamic Fields Add-on connects to miscellaneous data sources in one Google Form. The Add-on supports the following data sources:

  • Google Contacts wrapped by contact groups and google groups. 
  • Google Drive files of a defined folder, incl. sub-folders.
  • Google Sheet contents, Calendar event information and Sites list content.
  • Third party systems can be connected via Webservice and JDBC-Connection.
  • G Suite – orgunits and groups incl. User attributes.

Key features of Dynamic Fields Add-on:

  • Update selection fields in Google Forms automatically.
  • support of drop-down, checkbox, multiple-choice and grid question types.
  • Miscellaneous Google Apps like Calendar, Sheets and Groups can be used as data source.
  • Data of third party systems can be connected via Webservice.
  • G Suite customers can insert user attributes like cost center and department.
  • The organizational structure of orgunits in G Suite can also be used.
  • You can use the Add-on in unlimited Google Forms.

Product versions overview of Dynamic Fields Add-on:





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G Suite groups

& orgunits

Time based Job scheduler for regular updates of form fields

Connection to third party sytems

G Suite User attributes


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* Quotas & Limits of your G Suite Account and of Google Apps Script are applied.
** All prices excl. 19% tax. The term of contract is one year and is extended automatically. Annual payment four weeks before contract term is ending.  Period of notice is 4 weeks before contract termination.

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