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Google Sheets Alerts & Notifications Add-on

Google Sheets Alerts & Notifications Add-on

The Alerts & Notifications for Google Sheets add-on by apps experts keeps always an eye on your Google Sheets data. Monitor thresholds and KPIs automatically. Receive automatic notifications of individual limit values, key figures or deadlines via e-mail, Google Chat or directly as a task in Google Tasks!

Easy notifications with the Alerts & Notifications Add-on!

Determine individually which criteria you would like to be notified about. Using our filter function, you can flexibly define the conditions under which you would like to be notified. For example, the add-on checks the table information daily according to your specifications. If a specified filter criterion occurs, you will be notified by e-mail or Google Chat. The message text can be designed individually and can also contain dynamic contents of the relevant table line. Alternatively, the Alerts & Notifications for Google Sheets add-on can also create a Google task directly or transfer the data to another service or a database via web service for further processing. If necessary, you can also highlight the processed table information in color or enter an individual status text using a note or any table column.

Features of the Alerts & Notifications for Google Sheets add-on:

  • Automated notification by setting filter criteria
  • Automatic monitoring of table data through flexible job control, which is started periodically or after a new Google Forms response
  • Notification via e-mail, Google Chat or by adding a Google Task, dynamic content possible
  • Further processing of the relevant information via web service
  • Formatting of the processed line information or inserting status information in any table column or note
  • Deleting, copying or moving the processed line content to other spreadsheets
  • The add-on can be used in an unlimited number of Google Sheets and spreadsheets
  • Processing logs can also be sent via e-mail or created in Google Sheets

Product versions overview of Alerts & Notifications add-on:





Target group:


Private, Freelancer

Start-up, SMB, Enterprise

Type of Google account


Private/Google Workspace

Google Workspace

Number of users




Number of records per day/process




Job update interval / event



Google Forms


Google Forms

Executable actions

Free basic actions:


Google Tasks

format color of Google Sheets cells and rows

Free-Version actions plus:

change content of cells

move rows

copy rows

delete rows

Plus-Version actions plus:

Google Chat

Slack Channels

Web service

Additional copy / formatting post action

Connection to third-party systems

Integration Shared Drives

Processing log



Google Sheets


Google Sheets

E-mail support



free installation

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License price**


50 € User/Year
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starting at 15 € user/year
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* Quotas & Limits of your Google/Google Workspace Account and of Google Apps Script are applied.
** All prices excl. tax. The term of contract is one year and is extended automatically. Annual payment four weeks before contract term is ending. Period of notice is 4 weeks before contract termination.

More information about Alerts & Notifications for Google Sheets add-on:

>> Installation of Free-Version at Google Workspace Marketplace
>> General help and manual

If you have any questions feel free to contact us!