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Google Slides Creator Add-on – Merge sheet content to your presentations

Einfach automatisiert Google Präsentationen erstellenThe Google Slides Creator add-on by apps experts features a presentation merge function for Google Slides! Create custom presentation templates as a Google Slide and maintain personalized content, such as customer master data, price information and addresses in Google Sheets. Create marketing or customer specific slides with individiual images, links or charts, like monthly KPI or Reporting diagrams, based on any Google Slides presentation as template.

Create presentations easy with Google Slides Creator!

The Google Slides Creator Add-on combines this information with the selected Google Slides template into individual presentations, enabling you to create easy presentations automatically in your drive storage in Google Slides or PDF format. Additionally, graphics such as a company logo or charts based on Google Sheets can be automatically added to the automated presentations. The add-on also allows the creation of all personalized slides within a Google presentation, allowing easy printing of the generated slides. The generated presentations can also be sent automatically by email.

Features of Google Slides Creator Add-on:

  • Automate creation of Google presentations in Google Slides or PDF format.
  • Use any custom presentation templates based on Google Slides to create presentations.
  • Every content in your Google Sheet files can be used for merge into your presentations.
  • Insert any texts and links to Google Drive documents or other URL.
  • Graphics stored in drive or referred via URL can be insert dynamically also.
  • Refer or insert to Google Sheet based charts in your presentations.
  • Store your automatical created presentation in your Drive Storage or send them via email.
  • By using print functionality one presentation with all merged slides is created as easy print option.

Product versions overview of Google Slides Creator Add-on:





Target group:


Private, Freelancer

Start-up, SMB, Enterprise

Type of google account


Private/Google Workspace

Google Workspace

Number of users




Number of presentations / day




Number of slides in template


unlimited *

unlimited *

Number of selectable rows

max. 10 rows

unlimited rows *

unlimited rows *

File format

Google Presentation

Google Presentation/PDF

Google Presentation/PDF

Print functionality

Share docs within your company

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Filter based on conditions

Mass processing

Send personalized emails

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free installation

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License price**


50 € User/Year
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starting at 15 € User/Year
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* Quotas & Limits of your Google Workspace Account and of Google Apps Script are applied.
** All prices excl. tax. The term of contract is one year and is extended automatically. Annual payment four weeks before contract term is ending.  Period of notice is 4 weeks before contract termination.

More information about Google Slides Creator Add-on:

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