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Google Workspace Add-ons [English]

As official Google Build Partner apps experts offers various add-ons for Google Workspace. All our add-ons boost your productivity by reducing manual efforts and process automation at your daily work with Google Docs, Drive and Gmail. 

All our add-on are developed in Google Apps Script by our experts. They are official reviewed by Google and hosted on Google Cloud. Every add-on can be installed for free in a basic version via Google Workspace Marketplace. To enjoy all benefits private we offer a chargeable plus version for private users and premium business license packages for business.

Overview of our Google Workspace Add-ons:

Google Docs Creator

Google Docs mail merge for lettersGoogle Docs Creator add-on features a classic mail merge for Google Docs! Create Google Docs templates as a Google document and maintain individual personalized content, such as customer master data, price information and addresses in Google Sheets. Create marketing oder customer specific documents with dynamical text, links and images. >> more

Google Slides Creator

Google Slides Creator Add-onGoogle Slides Creator add-on features a presentation merge function for Google Slides! Create custom presentation templates as a Google Slide and maintain personalized content, such as customer master data, price information and addresses in Google Sheets. Create marketing or customer specific slides with individual images, links or charts, like monthly KPI or Reporting diagrams, based on any Google Slides presentation as template. >> more

Google Forms Dynamic Fields

Google Formulare dynamisch Felder ermittelnGoogle Forms Dynamic Fields add-on updates values of Google Forms selection fields like multiple-choice, drop-down, checkbox or grid fields. Based on mappings you can bind values of miscellaneous Google Apps like Calendar, Sheets and Contacts to your Google Forms questions automatically. >> more

Google Drive Toolbox

Google Drive Toolbox Add-onGoogle Drive Toolbox add-on offers you a tool to automate your Google Drive processes: copy, move, delete or mark Google Drive files according to your filter criteria. Rename files within a folder or convert them to another office format. Share files or automatically revoke shares. >> more

Google Sheets Alerts & Notifications

Google Sheets Alerts and Notifications Add-onGoogle Sheets Alerts & Notifications add-on keeps always an eye on your Google Sheets data. Monitor thresholds and KPIs automatically. Receive automatic notifications of individual limit values, key figures or deadlines via e-mail, Google Chat or directly as a task in Google Tasks. >> more